Fitness & Beauty Photo Shoot


Fitness & Beauty Photo Shoot

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Are you proud of your body and YOUR results from your health & fitness journey??

Schedule a Health & Beauty Photo Shoot to showcase all your hard work!


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This Health & Beauty Photo Shoot is for anyone wanting to show off all their hard work. It is not required that you complete a plan offered by DARATONY FITNESS to schedule a health & beauty photo shoot. Clients do not have to have prior photo shoot experience. 

Photo shoots can have any theme and can be for any occasion - whether it is for yourself, for professional head shots, for creative promotion, or for fitness/body shots. Stephanie has shot for fitness professionals, bikini competition competitors, independent artists, and everyday women who are proud of their hard work and want to have photos for themselves or for their spouse. 

Please contact Stephanie directly for access to her portfolio.


One-on-One Consultation: Photo shoot will include a one-on-one consultation before the photo shoot date to go over theme, look, objective, outfits, background, location, and scheduling.

Multiple Looks: Clients can choose to shoot with Stephanie in 2-outfits or 3-outfits. Each outfit can be a different theme if desired - such as a fitness outfit, casual outfit, dressy outfit, etc.

Body Coaching, Styling, & Design: Photo shoot includes coaching on body movement during the shoot, styling during the shoot - such as help with color matching, outfit piecing, etc. - and overall design of the shoot.

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