12 Week Body Transformation Program with Group Sessions

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personal training, fitness coach, weight loss coaching, weight loss, weight loss coach, kansas city, KC, KCMO, Overland Park, get fit, lose weight, california, personal training

12 Week Body Transformation Program with Group Sessions

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Includes two-on-one personal training sessions, a customized weight-loss program, and advanced body composition measurements & tracking.

Sessions per week:




Includes two-on-one personal training and private weight-loss coaching with Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach Stephanie Daratony to restore your metabolism and create sustainable weight loss:


  • Group personal training sessions

  • Customized nutrition plan

  • Full-body fitness plan

  • Advanced supplement guidance

  • Full access to your trainer

  • Accountability & progress check-ins

  • Advanced body composition & metabolism tracking

  • Customized program adjustments

This in-studio program is customized specifically to your body and is calculated based off your metabolic rate, body statistics, and overall health goals. Your trainer will work with you for the duration of the program to ensure your body does not hit a plateau and to ensure maximum results. 


60-Minute Two-on-one Personal Training Sessions: Weekly group personal training sessions with certified personal trainer Stephanie Daratony. This can be a friend, family member, boyfriend/girlfriend, or spouse. 

Form Instruction: Your trainer will take you through full strength training workouts while coaching you on technique to achieve maximum fitness results - this includes coaching on correct body posture & movement, core stability, proper form, breathing technique, muscle isolation, and more. 

Customized In-Studio Workouts: Each session is customized to you and your partner's abilities including necessary exercise adjustments to work around any injuries or limitations. For example, knee problems, back pain, etc. 

Advanced Body Composition Measurements & Metabolism Tracking: Working with Stephanie in-studio will give you the most accurate body statistics. This is because measurements can be done using the Jackson/Pollok Skin-Fold test, allowing the most accurate progress tracking. 

Initial Consultation: An initial one-on-one 60-minute consultation with you, your partner, and your trainer to discuss goals & to gather all information for your customized nutrition & fitness plan. 

Customized Macronutrient Based Nutrition Program: A customized nutrition program calculated based off your body statistics and overall goals including nutrient timing, macro breakdown, quantities, and caloric distribution.

Macronutrient Substitutions Plan: A macronutrient substitution plan to help you identify macros, stay on track, and learn how to properly make substitutions into your meal plan.  

Customized Strength Training Plan: A customized lift plan including all strength training workouts for each week developed around your overall goals and strength training experience. Workouts can be customized for the gym or for home (please note, home workouts require basic equipment, see below for equipment list). 

Customized Cardio Progression & Endurance Development Plan: A customized cardio progression plan developed based off your current activity and endurance level and progresses in type, duration, and intensity depending on your progress.

Advanced Supplement Guidance: Supplement guidance detailing the most important supplements, vitamins, and micronutrients the body needs to maximize results, including timing and quantities. Supplement guidance is optional and is not necessary to your success. 

Weight-Loss Accountability & Progress Check-Ins: Progress & accountability check-ins with your trainer every 4-5 weeks to go over measurements, body statistics, your targets & progress, and answer any questions you may have.

Customized Program Adjustments & Private Nutrition Coaching: Nutrition and macronutrient adjustments will be made every 4-5 weeks during your check-ins with your trainer based off your body's progress.

Full Access to your Trainer: Full access to your trainer via email and text throughout the duration of your training for added accountability, to discuss ongoing progress, and to ask any questions along the way. 


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