Online Bikini Competition Prep


Online Bikini Competition Prep

from 780.00

Includes full one-on-one access to your trainer, a customized nutrition plan, and a full fitness plan calculated and designed specifically to YOUR body for women wanting to compete in a Bikini Competition! 


Special Nutrition Requirements?:
Posing Coaching Included?:



Online private Bikini Competition where you will be working one-on-one with Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach Stephanie Daratony. This online training includes everything you need to successfully prep for and compete in a bikini competition - including your customized nutrition plan, customized fitness plan, supplement guidance, accountability & tracking, peak week & show day plans, and direct access to your trainer. The plans are customized specifically to your body and are calculated based off your body statistics. Your trainer will work with you for the duration of training including progress check-ins and plan adjustments every 2-4 weeks to be sure your body is ready for show day.

Select YES under "special nutrition requirements" for any nutrition adjustments such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. Please note, there is a $30 up-charge for special nutrition adjustments. 



Initial Consultation: An initial one-on-one 30-minute consultation with your trainer to discuss goals & to gather all information for your customized bikini competition training. 

Initial Review Session: A one-on-one 30-minute review session with your trainer to go over your customized plan and answer any questions.

Customized Meal Plan: A customized meal plan calculated based off your body statistics, including nutrient timing, macro breakdown, quantities, and caloric distribution.

Customized Lift Plan: A customized lift plan including all strength training workouts for each week. All workouts are developed for a gym setting and will require a local gym membership. 

Customized Cardio Progression Plan: A customized cardio progression plan developed to progresses in type, duration, and intensity depending on your endurance & progress.

Supplement Guidance: Supplement guidance detailing the most important supplements, vitamins, and micronutrients the body needs to maximize results, including timing and quantities. Supplement guidance is optional and is not necessary to your success. 

Progress & Accountability Check-Ins: 30-minute one-on-one progress & accountability check-ins with your trainer. These will be scheduled every 4 weeks to discuss your body statistics, your targets & progress, and answer any questions you may have.

Nutrition Coaching & Plan Adjustments: Nutrition and macronutrient adjustments will be made every 2-4 weeks with your trainer based off your body's progress.

Peak Week Plan: A customized plan for the week leading into your show providing everything you need to look your best for show day - nutrition & water adjustments, supplements, final workouts, and more. 

Show Day Plan: A customized plan for the day of the show - including nutrition schedule and show day checklist. 

Competition Guidance: You will receive guidance on suit selection, heel selection, hair, makeup, tanning, accessories, etc. 

Posing Coaching (optional): One-on-one posing coaching on stage presence, stage walk, group posing, half-turns & quarter-turns, entry/exit, and individual stage routines.

Direct Access to your Trainer: Full one-on-one access to your trainer via email throughout the duration of your training for added accountability, to discuss ongoing progress, and to ask any questions along the way. 


The duration of the online bikini competition training will depend on the clients body statistics and how many weeks they are out from their show. Training is discounted the longer the training duration. 

  • 12 weeks is only $65 per week.

  • 16 weeks is only $61 per week.

  • 20 weeks is only $59 per week.

Please contact Stephanie directly if you are unsure about appropriate training duration. 


Clients can choose to add-on posing coaching to their online bikini competition training. This add-on includes THREE 40-minute one-on-one posing sessions with posing coach Stephanie Daratony to master stage presence, stage walk, group posing, half-turns, quarter-turns, and individual stage routines.

* Posing coaching can be purchased separately, however it is discounted to only $135 for 3 posing sessions when added on to this online bikini competition training. 

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